The Water Abundance XPRIZE is a $1.75 million competition, challenging teams to alleviate the global water crisis with energy-efficient technologies that harvest fresh water from thin air. Teams will revolutionize access to fresh water by creating a device that extracts a minimum of 2,000 liters of water per day from the atmosphere using 100% renewable energy, at a cost of no more than 2 cents per liter.



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  • Half of the global population lives in areas where water tables are rapidly falling.
  • There are over 3 quadrillion gallons of untapped water in the atmosphere, or enough to meet the needs of every person on the planet for a year.
  • By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity.


October 2016
Prize Launch & Registration Opens
October 2016
Competition Guidelines Open for Public Comment
November 2016
Public Comments Close for Competition Guidelines
December 2016
Final Competition Guidelines Released
April 28, 2017
Registration Deadline
May 2017
Virtual Team Summit
November 2017
Round 1 Testing on Extraction
December 2017
Team Summit
January 2018
Announcement of Top 5 Teams for Round 2
April 2018
Team Summit
June 2018
Round 2 Testing Begins
June 2018
Round 2 Testing Ends
July 2018
Deadline for Business Plan Submission by Teams
August 2018
Award and Announcement of Grand Prize Winner

Media Mentions

February 16, 2017
Technology extracting water from air for as little as 2 cents per litre could provide people in some of the most arid parts of the world with easy access to fresh potable water in as little as two years, the XPRIZE Foundation believes.
February 13, 2017
Climate change and population growth are creating increasing pressure on food and water — and to solve the need, innovative solutions will be required. The issue of water scarcity in the near future is an issue Australia’s aid program is attempting to solve today.
February 3, 2017
The Water Abundance competition launched by XPRIZE in October represents new territory for the foundation, which runs million-dollar competitions designed to drive innovation and change the world.

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