About Us

Uravu is a multidisciplinary team of five from backgrounds in engineering, sciences, architecture and design. We believe in working on hard problems which are technologically achievable & also culturally and socially salient. Solving challenges around water not only requires amazing technology but also empathy and systems thinking.

Amit holds a PG Diploma in Embedded design from NIELIT, Calicut. He is the know it all guy when it comes to electronic devices and Buddhist philosophy. He also grew up without an idiot-box called TV and is proud of it. He has a natural ability for coding, embedded engineering and all things spiritual.

Bharath holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani. He has over 5 years of experience working as a structural and design engineer in Oil and Gas firms. He considers himself as an inventor and has a long list of prototypes on his shelf. He has proven experience in handling multi-million dollar projects. Lately he has acquired a taste for Bitcoins and ICO’s.

Sandeep holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics from NIT-Calicut. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Data Sciences from University of Texas, Dallas. He has previously worked on hybrid-vehicle design and drones. He likes to dissect everyday objects for fun and sometimes walks down a fashion ramp on popular demand.

Venkatesh holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from NIT-Calicut. He is a man of many talents, known as Mr.Perfectionist in his peer group. The designs made by him are flawless, perfect to the core. He can be found watching time-old movies or exploring the marshy lands of Sunderbans when not focused on perfecting things.

About Team Leader

Swapnil holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from NIT-Calicut and graduated in 2016. He believes in a decentralized and distributed future where water and energy will be abundantly accessible through cutting-edge social infrastructure blended into the fabric of the built environment. He has worked extensively in the modeling of futuristic self-sustaining cities from which the idea to harvest water from the air germinated. He has previously worked on water-management and earth construction with a short stint doing UI/UX work. He is a co-author of the book 'E-Democracy for Smart Cities', published by Springer in 2017. When not dreaming about the future, he likes to relax listening to Jazz  and reading philosophy.
Team Leader:
Swapnil Shrivastav
Hyderabad, TG, India

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